Since 2004, the company has been providing SW modifications to large vehicles and in 2007, we started SW modifications to self-propelled agricultural vehicles. We are able to enhance performance of tractors, combines, forage harvesters, self-propelled sprayers, transfer pumps, semi trucks and construction equipment. However, most of the time we focus on tractors. We can modify control unit software of basically every tractor.

What happens during performance modification


Discussing client’s demands

Agroecopower technicians will come to the customer and together they will discuss demands and expectations.



Diagnostic and software backup procedures are run before SW modification is performed. Control unit modification can be reversed at any time.


Installing new software

New software solution is prepared individually for selected vehicle and is subsequently installed back into the control unit.


Final check

Diagnostic and power measurement procedures are run. Before the delivery, we perform a test drive and we stand behind our SW modification as long as you own it.

What will change in the engine?

  • By performing the modification, parameter characteristics of injection, air-to-fuel ratio, injection duration, amount of fuel and torque limiter are optimised.
  • Thanks to the modification, turbo-diesel engines can increase their performance up to 30 % and torque up to 25 %.
  • Torque acquires better performance within low to middle RPM’s!
  • Fuel consumption can be lowered up to 18 %.

Choose agricultural equipment brand

Our company performs chiptuning for all the listed agricultural equipment brands.

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