Apache AS 730 -
6.7 V6 | 2016 - | Tier 4F
AS - 730 (2016 - ..)
2 500 $ Total price (tax excl.)
Frequently asked questions
Performance optimalization results
Original After the modification Difference
Engine power (Specific) 173 PS 225 PS + 52 PS

Price includes

  • performance measurement protocol
  • machine diagnostics
  • SW control
  • backup of the original SW
  • individual adjustment of your machine


  • two years on the control unit and software
  • lifetime warranty on software

Frequently asked questions

No, it is not. SW modifications are legal, completely.

We offer our product at comparable prices to our competitors. Our pros are: 1) 30 Day Trial Period 2) Lifetime Warranty 3) We do an individual
tune for every customer based on his/her needs, no standardized or universal SW modifications same for all.4) We do not charge for service calls after the initial tune.

Not yourself. Only our SW specialist can do it. However, we are available 24/7 to assist you, just call us and we will help you by return.

Tune is safe, synchronizes and balances the entire system thru Can-Bus wire, offers a better fuel economy, brings the torque curve back to the

“sweet spot“ and provides higher torque at lower RPM

AgroEcoPower LLC has started operations in Midwest in 2014. The mother company in Europe was established in 1999. We have a long history
and 70.000+ tunes done in 10 EU countries and the USA. Our happy customers are our priority No 1. You can reach out to us anytime.

Our R&D department in Europe is ready to help 24/7.

We appreciate any referrals you can provide us with as word of mouth works well in AG industry. We value all your potential tips and would be
happy to pay you a fair commission. For more details, contact our team.

Sure. We can provide you with referrals in your area. We are proud to have many happy customers in Midwest region.

We can do them, however, we are purely focused on AG machines and semi-truck.

Yes, we are always open with our customers as we do not want to jeopradize our reputation. Moreover, we offer 30 Day Trial Period for you to

Every SW modification is specific and individual job done by SW engineers at the EU HQs. We always tune the original SW downloaded from your
machine. No universal SW modification is offered by AgroEcoPower LLC.

We provide you with 30 Day Trial Period. You can try your machine in the field and then you make your decision.

If you do not feel/like the difference we put it back to original. We can easily proof the difference on DYNO free of charge.

Our SW modification is exactly the same what a manufacturer does. That is why you are always safe with our product.

We always follow manufacturers´and our European R&D centre´s recommendations. We always keep HP within the given range. Also DYNO
allows us to measure the tractors power output on site.

We also use AgroEcoPower App which data is based on 18 years experience in the SW modification industry

We always follow all manufacturers´ and our European R&D centre´s manuals. If it happens we can easily look it up and fix it. However, this
rarely happens due to long development history of AgroEcoPower

With our coverage, we are able to come within 4 hours if needed. Earlier if we are in the area. Normally, we plan 2-3 weeks in advance.

We tuned already 70.000+ machines in Europe and in the USA and this has never happend. We always follow the safety limits recommended by
manufacturer and our Research&Development (R&D) centre in Europe.

Make sure that your engine is in a good condition before you let us tune it, then you need not worry about engine blowing up.

It depends on your driving style. You can either drive it a couple gears higher with the same speed to get better fuel economy or you can use the
power to drive faster with the same fuel consumption.

In most cases they cannot, however if you want be 100% sure, let us put SW back to original before your inspection. We will tune it again
afterwards free of charge.

It can affect your warranty if dealer finds the tune. However, we modify your current SW version which means that serial number/SW version
number remains the same. Therefore the dealer cannot see it in most cases. If you want to be 100% sure, we offer to put it back to original
before visiting your dealer and after an inspection we tune it up again free of charge.

The tuned ECU communicates with the rest of the drivetrain thru CAN bus wire, so all the other components (clutch/transmission/etc. are aware
of power outputs.

Because our SW modification allows you to run your machine at lower RPM ‘s with the unchanged power, the other parts do not suffer so much.

Yes, we do. The company has a long history in software modification.

The tune does not involve any mechanical interference in the engine. We offer SW modification, namely reprogramming of EPROM (Erasable
Programmable Read-Only Memory), that is an electronic memory block with a serial program in ECU (Electronic Control Unit). The advantage is
that the reprogrammed ECU “is aware“ of its reprogramming, thus CAN bus communication is not affected. Therefore, for instance, if on-line fuel
consumption was monitored, it did not compromise the real data.

SW modifications optimally adjust injection parameters, air-fuel ratio, injection duration, fuel amount and also the torque limiter. Using such SW
modifications, the performance of turbo diesel engines can be increased by 5-30% and torque by 5-25%. Also the torque curve has a better
performance in the low- to mid-speed range. The reduction in fuel consumption can be up to 5-18%.

Yes, we can. We have our own performance measuring test facilities. Of course, this only goes for tractors.

We offer a 2-year software warranty and life-long reinstallation warranty. Simply call us and our technicians will come and reinstall your software FREE OF CHARGE.

Manufacturer will offer one model series of the vehicles with different power, that means they basically modify their vehicles the same way, but in a different price range.

To preserve longevity of the vehicle. Some last longer, some don’t. It all depends on the particular vehicle. 

In most cases it will. It all depends on how you drive and service your vehicle, working conditions and optimally chosen tools are also a huge aspect.

We chip the vehicles by performing a software modification, specifically by reprogramming the EPROM memory (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory), that is an electronic memory block with serial program in the control unit. The advantage to this is that the reprogrammed control unit “is well aware” of its reprogramming and therefore, communication with Scanbus bus is not influenced. So if you wanted to observe the diesel consumption of your vehicle on-line, all the real data is safe.

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